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Designed specifically for FNP and AGPCNP students, our Primary Care Nursing Test Bank for NPs features a collection of approximately 1,500 questions that you can access anytime, anywhere. Think of it like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," only real-deal NP style! Our NP practice questions are tailored to cover the content needed for both AANP and ANCC certifications, making it the perfect study resource for aspiring Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners (AGNPs).

What's included:

  • Mobile app
With our iOS app, your favorite NP Qbank allows you to practice whenever and wherever you need to! And don’t worry, your progress is saved so you can switch between your laptop, iPad, and iPhone with ease.
  • 5 Practice Exams

- 3 FNP Practice Exams - Test your FNP knowledge with an extremely realistic exam-day experience. Each exam contains 150-175 unique (not in the Qbank), brand-new questions. Currently available only on desktop devices.
    - 2 AGNP Practice Exams - Test your AGPCNP knowledge with an extremely similar exam-day experience. Each exam contains 175 questions (drawn from the Qbank). Currently available only on desktop devices.
  • Extensive Question Library
Access a vast collection of approximately 1,500 total unique questions - 1,000 in the Qbank and 475 in the FNP practice exams, - covering the core content areas for FNP and AGNP board exams!
  • Certification aligned AANP & ANCC Practice Questions
    Aligns with the guidelines and standards set by both AANP and ANCC, ensuring all content is relevant and reflective of the exam requirements.
  • Customizable Practice Sets
Create personalized practice sets that align with your specific needs to target weak areas and concentrate your studying efforts.
  • Flexible Practice Modes
Choose between Tutor Mode, where you receive immediate answers and explanations as you progress, or Exam Mode, which replicates the exam day experience.
  • NEW Advanced Analytics
See your overall performance on all Qbank practice sets and exam attempts as well as by key areas like patient age, AANP and ANCC domain, and category! Plus see detailed data on your question-taking trends, including time spent per question and answer change success metrics that will help you determine if changing answers is the right strategy for you!

This course is a monthly subscription that renews every 30 days. You are responsible for canceling your membership within your account when it is no longer needed.

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Introducing Blue

The First and Only AI Tutor for NP Board Prep!

Get the “why” behind right and wrong answers and transform your board prep with a 24/7 tutor trained by NP experts and totally personalized to you.

  • Go beyond right or wrong answers — Blue walks you step-by-step to understand the explanation behind any question.
  • Learn how to approach all types of questions and develop your own understanding, going beyond memorization.
  • Blue is available anytime while you are in Review mode for questions or exams. It's like having an NP tutor by your side, 24/7!

“I love this!! I like how the AI tutor didn't just give me an explanation but asked me questions and prompted me to think about it before explaining. That is how I learn!”

- Michelle A., Real AI Tutor User

Practice Like It’s Exam Day

Get yourself ready to test with representative exams and mobile-friendly practice questions that are as close as you can get to the real thing!

Built for On-The Go

Easily transition from studying at home to studying on-the-go with the new SMNP Qbank app. Your progress is saved between desktop and mobile so you won't miss a beat!

Personalize Your Practice

Customize your practice sets to meet your needs with options to change the size, time to complete, subjects covered, and question type.

A simple interface shows how you can customize a practice set by question type (all or unused), topic, timed or tutor mode, and number of questions.A simple interface shows how you can customize a practice set by question type (all or unused), topic, timed or tutor mode, and number of questions.

Exam-Like Experience

Our Qbank closely mimics the board-exam experience with similar features like highlight, underline, strikethrough, and flagging. You'll know exactly what to expect come exam day — one less thing to stress about!

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