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Board Certification

  1. $49 /month

    • 2,100 board-style questions with explanations written with love
    • Covers material for the AANPCB/AAENP exam
    • Be ready and confident, and earn your certification
    • 100 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME credit(s)™

  2. $29 /month

    • Earn 30 AMA PRA Cat I Procedure credits™
    • 300 questions based on the AANPCB Emergency Skills and Procedures Blueprint

  3. $29 /month

    • Build your foundation in ECG interpretation
    • Understand the core elements of ECG interpretation
    • Diagnose dysrhythmias, blocks, metabolic abnormalities, STEMIs and much more
    • 500 questions with detailed explanations
    • 60 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME credit(s)™

Big News!

Rosh Review NP is now SMNP Reviews

  • Same Great Rosh Review Content

    It's still the same great Rosh Review content you know and love from NP Experts.

  • Now on Blueprint's Advanced Platform powering SMNP Reviews

    Powerful performance analytics track your progress, diagnose your weaknesses, and help you improve as quickly as possible.

  • Same Bonus Features!

    Vivid medical illustrations to visualize key concepts, Rapid Review for better retention and One Step Further references to learn more.

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