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  • Learn from my experienceI've passed both the ANCC and AANP exams - and my review courses have led students to a 99%+ pass rate!
  • Save time studyingMy comprehensive courses are designed to identify the study areas that you need to focus on - and you can work at your own pace as you prepare for your exam.
  • Get the support you needYou're not alone – our online community has 32,000+ members working toward a shared goal of passing their boards!

Exam prep doesn't have to be traumatizing.

I know because I've been there: Prepping for your exam brings up a lot of pressure and anxiety.

So I've created comprehensive, straightforward courses that have helped tens of thousands of students pass their ANCC and AANP board exams.

This is because I believe every future nurse practitioner deserves to walk into their exam with confidence – and the knowledge they need to succeed.

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Taylor G.

"I felt like her course hit major highlights and helped me pull everything together. She has the best summary of asthma guidelines and provides a great table to follow. Thank you so much Sarah for designing this review!"

Carleen C.

"Passed my ANCC today! Thank you SO much Sarah Michelle! Sarah's review is spot on and truly hits on the topics you need to focus on! Her helpful tricks to memorize facts are great and I could hear her voice while taking my test!"

Nidia C.

"I can't thank you enough for your review. The entire review was perfect! It assisted me in passing my AANP exam on Thursday. I did multiple reviews but yours by far helped me grasp the concepts. I am eternally grateful! You are truly an amazing instructor."

Psst. I've been in your shoes.

Feeling some anxiety as you prepare for your nurse practitioner boards? You’re not alone. The stakes are high, and these tests aren’t easy!

You need exam prep resources to help you master the most important topics to know for your exam — but you’re worried that choosing the wrong one will end in a failing grade.

I get it because I’ve been there. I remember how stressed I felt as I was studying for my boards — and how overwhelmed I was by all of my options for review courses.

That’s why, after passing both my ANCC and AANP certification exams, I decided to create comprehensive review courses of my own based on my personal study techniques and the resources that helped me succeed.

Since those courses launched, I've helped tens of thousands of future nurse practitioners prepare for their boards, with a pass rate of over 99%. You can join them – and it's easy to get started.

  • Purchase the course or Qbank that’s tailored to your needs
  • Study at your own pace — and build confidence along the way
  • Pass your exams and take the next steps in your nursing journey

You already have the knowledge and ability in you to pass your boards. I’ll help you study smarter and get rid of the pre-test jitters that so many students suffer from, so you feel completely prepared when you sit down to start your exam.

Purchase your your exam prep product today, or join our free FNP/AGPCNP Facebook group for a preview of the knowledge and support waiting for you once you get started. Let’s prepare together, so you can stop worrying about failing — and start preparing to give your patients the next-level care they need.

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3 Study Hacks to Conquer Your NP Exam

Nurse practitioner exams are stressful! I've been there and after massive study sessions, and almost as much time panicking, I successfully passed both my ANCC and AANP exam.

I have helped tens of thousands of other NP students pass their ANCC and AANP exam with a 99%+ pass rate, and I want to help you do the same!

These tips should help you on your nurse practitioner journey!

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